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Help yourself by creating a FREE Revision Plan, with a timetable of structured tasks across multiple topics, whilst incorporating holidays and days-off to keep things in perspective.

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Revision Plan for students will structure, organise and compile a list of exams and subject tasks within a personal timetable. This will enable you to clearly view what you will need to do on a daily basis in order to ramp up your knowledge prior to the exams. The underlying aim is to ensure that your daily workload is kept to a manageable size, that you give yourself time-off to relax, and that you are totally prepared for each subject exam when it arrives.Ideally, your Revision Plan should be part of a wider coordinated effort, created managed and distributed by the organisation you are learning with. They will undoubtedly have all the details of your exams, subject task resources etc, and would be able to create a more detailed personalised Revision Plan for you and your peers. Referrals to your friends, tutors, or direct to the Revision Plan enquiries team are welcomed, where a forthcoming referral scheme will reward successful subscriptions with eg: Amazon Books, Kindle or Gift Certificates.
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